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Pastel Bathrooms: Adding a Pop of Colour to Your Space

Pastel Bathrooms: Adding a Pop of Colour to Your Space

Gorgeous sorbet tones and playful bright palettes are taking bathrooms by storm.

The pastel aesthetic has been surging in popularity over the past year, with the cutesy, childlike pastel palette being replaced with a more ‘grown-up’ style - now known as the Danish pastel aesthetic. With the typically bright colour palette offset against light, airy white space, the once adolescent style is now soft and soothing - the perfect choice for a space where you want to relax and unwind.

Palette Planning

In order to nail any Danish pastel room, you have to consider how you will balance out your space. Whilst you, personally, may be a huge fan of the Polly Pocket feel, the chances are that most will want to dip their toe into the pastel aesthetic without it feeling too much like an ice cream shop. In order to achieve that calm, soothing vibe, you’ll want to plan out which colours you would like to use in your space.

Use a mood board to plan out your hue choices and compare which colours complement each other. For instance, you may want to pair a baby pink with a buttercup yellow, but after laying out your swatches it might become clear that these aren’t necessarily complementary. We recommend using the colour wheel as a tool when it comes to pairing colours together. For instance, green and pink sit across from each other on the wheel, so why not pick out a soft sage to compliment a blush pink.

Add a touch of Scandi

Danish pastels are a trend born in Scandinavia, combining the neutral minimalism of traditional Scandi design with the bold confidence of a maximalist colour palette. So, what better design choice to go for than Scandi inspired furniture and accessories.

With clean lines, minimalist styling and a distinct lack of clutter; Scandi styling never goes out of style, and the airy feel of the aesthetic makes it the perfect companion for any vibrant pastel bathroom.

We love the look of white, uncomplicated furniture against a pastel tile choice for a more understated take on the pastel trend. This slightly toned down take on the pastel look feels much more elegant and sophisticated than the cute pastel aesthetic gracing the TikTok feeds of Gen-Z. Alternatively opt for a blush furniture unit against a white backdrop for something feminine, yet still tasteful.

Alto Freestanding Unit Dusky Pink Lifestyle Calm 1500 Left basin Mineral blue Detail Alto Freestanding Unit Gloss White Detail

Keep it coastal

Few trends fit with the pastel aesthetic as well as the coastal look. With a breezy palette filled with whimsical blues, muted neutrals and bleached woods, the coastal colour palette is perfect for pastel blues. Whether you opt for a gorgeous mineral blue fitted furniture unit, or go for pastel blue nautical striped tiles, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in coastal style when it comes to the pastel trend.

Nothing feels quite as calming as the pastel blue colours that accompany a coastal aesthetic. Pair muted blues with naturally textured woods for a soothing look that exudes relaxation and calm. One simple way to add a touch of pastel to any bathroom is to select decor pieces that feel at home in the trend.

If you're unsure quite how you want to incorporate a coastal blue into your pastel bathroom, take a look at our swatch offering - the perfect blue might be ready and waiting!

The importance of accessories

If you’re not quite sure that you’re ready to swap out furniture or revamp your tiles, accessories are perfect for making quick updates that can be changed as frequently as you desire. A simple search for ‘pastel aesthetic room decor’ on Pinterest will provide all of the inspiration that your heart desires.

From your choice of bath linens to more decorative accessories, like vases and plant pots, selecting pastel pops of colour is easy as can be with accessories.

If you want to create an entirely cohesive look throughout your pastel bathroom, try selecting accessories that complement your wall colour. This will create a unified look and make the space feel curated, whilst maintaining that tranquil feel.

Add definition

One concern with bathrooms that rely on a bright colour palette, is that they can quickly feel flat, despite the presence of colour. This is due to the lack of depth in an entirely colourful interior scheme. One option to overcome this potential flatness, is to use contrasting accents, such as black or white, to add some definition to the space.

Brassware is perfect for adding in touches of black to a pastel bathroom, without it becoming overwhelmingly busy. Matt black taps pair beautifully with pastel danish decor in our Calm fitted furniture bathroom to add depth to the pastel space. When paired with complementary black handles and framed mirrors, the space feels cohesive and sleek, whilst still hitting every mark of the pastel bathroom trend.

Calm Mineral Blue drawer open Detail
Pastel image

A sprinkle of sophistication

Adding a touch of refinement to a pastel bathroom is essential to ensuring its longevity. After all, there’s no point in making over a bathroom, only to fall out of love with it six months later. Opt for traditionally luxurious materials, like marble, glass and travertine, to create a bathroom that feels sophisticated and timeless. Think blush pink marble, and periwinkle onyx tiles for a space that feels like a contemporary take on the pastel trend.

When selecting your brassware choices for a luxurious pastel bathroom, opt for brass finishes to add a feeling of quiet sophistication. If you have plenty of space at your disposal, try a double shower for an ultra-luxurious take on the trend, with pastel coloured marble serving as a chic backdrop.

Be bold

Whether you’re searching for inspiration for a large family bathroom or something a little smaller, it’s important to keep in mind that your space can define your decor. A pastel blue aesthetic may seem like a great idea for a large space that has plenty of wall room and options for furniture placement, but you could quickly discover that a space that large feels overwhelming if the colour choice is too bold.

Oftentimes, bathroom spaces like smaller ensuites or cloakrooms are where you can truly experiment with colour and paint, and be much more adventurous than you may usually be!

It doesn’t really matter if these spaces feel slightly disconnected from the style and flow of the rest of your home, so all the more reason to choose something slightly more unexpected! Try out the blue pastel aesthetic with some unexpected wallpaper or pastel themed decor for a fun space that still feels relaxed due to the nature of the tones.

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