Tavistock Bathrooms | Create the Look: Danish Pastel Bathrooms

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Create the Look: Pastel Bathrooms

Channel a little happiness at home with this joyful trend

Soft sorbet shades and pops of peachy pink create a space that strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism.

Create this Look

Pastel interiors have come a long way from only showing up in nurseries. Millennial pink, Danish pastels, Cottage yellows - 2022 has led to pastels being refreshed in a way that appeals to the masses, and our designer Zoe has showcased the sophistication that a pastel colour palette can have. With the contrast created between the richer blue/green and the soft neutral pink, the room has depth and avoids the washed out look that can often accompany pastel schemes.

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Soft, delicate, soothing

The Danish pastel aesthetic is one that's taken Pinterest by storm over the past year. The style reinvents the typical pastel palette by adding depth in the form of muted shades. By pairing a muted backdrop shade with similarly toned floor tiles, you can create a space that feels cohesive, whilst adding an accent pastel tone to stay bang on trend.

Add a sprinkle of Scandi

Accessories are vital to accentuating or breaking up a strong colour scheme. By selecting terracotta accessories, here, the green tile is broken up and the muted pink paint shade tied in. The overall palette of the room feels gentle, but not overwhelming - creating a feeling of ambience and softness.

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