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Create the Look: Country Bathrooms

Cosy, simple, inviting: the traditional aesthetic of country interiors is here to stay

Conjure up images of charming Cotswold cottages, vintage countryside estates and bustling British farmhouses with the snug warmth of Country interior design.

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There is a nostalgic appeal to country interior design, but forget lacy net curtains and brightly coloured gingham. Instead, think shaker style furniture, natural wood finishes, and a rich colour palette that captures the essence of English country style.

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Cosy, Effortless, Vintage

The country aesthetic is designed to feel authentic and warming. Opt for an autumnal colour palette of rich jewel tones, blending this with the texture of raw, natural wood, to create a space that feels timelessly elegant in a homely, inviting way.

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Want this look?

Balance the old and new

The key to creating a successful country style, is through combining elements of the traditional and the modern. Combine the warmth and character of rustic design, with the understated nature of minimalist design. Select handles that feel vintage, and pair with carefully curated accessories.

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