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Tips for selecting the perfect rainfall shower and shower head

Tips for selecting the perfect rainfall shower and shower head

As with many bathroom features, there seems to be an overwhelming array of shower options. From fixed to wall mounted, from contemporary to traditional, the variety of showering options can be tailored to your heart’s desire.

Whether your style is contemporary or classic, or your requirements are more dependent on size, there’s sure to be a shower system perfect for your needs.

Contemporary Designs

If your dream is to emulate the luxurious modernism of London’s Hotel Marylebone, or Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, then a contemporary shower system seems right up your street. With rainfall shower heads, dual function systems, and powerful shower handsets, there are many shower options available that encapsulate a luxe contemporary style. Wall mounted rainfall shower heads are a great option for creating a modern style, and for real luxury, the bigger the better. Whether you’re looking to transform your wet room, family bathroom or walk-in shower, a large square shower head can create a modern spa-like environment in no time. For a truly luxurious shower aesthetic, opt for a dual function system, which provides a clean, streamlined look, and useful functionality.

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Classic Design

Like to look for your bathroom inspiration in the Ritz or Claridge’s? Classic shower systems are probably for you. Designs that would look at home next to panelling, freestanding baths and classic furniture, traditional systems such as the Cheltenham shower system have a historical feel with modern functionality. Rain can styles are the more popular look for classic designs, so for your shower head to blend seamlessly in with your décor, try that style. Opt for a system that matches your taps for the ultimate classic, hotel feel.

Cheltenham valve detail

Shower Styling

Whilst most showers fall into two categories – classic and contemporary, it’s fair to say that most bathrooms don’t. With changing trends and styles, comes a conflict in bathroom style, and most bathrooms tend to have a variety of features, new and old. So, it’s important to pick out a shower head and system, reflective of your bathroom as a whole. For a shower system that will be sympathetic to a variety of environments, choose an exposed system with a round shower head. Choosing a chrome finish is usually a safe bet for those wishing for a more timeless feel, as the finish can blend in or stand out depending on the styling of the room.

Merit bar valve with hand close detail

Shower Fittings: Concealed

Concealed showers pretty much do what they say on the tin, and are where all the valve and pipework can be concealed in the wall. This is particularly good for those short on space, as the look is much more streamlined and modern. However, depending on the structure of your home, you may need to install a false wall for this kind of system.


Exposed showers are the opposite of this. The shower system’s valve is mounted on the tiles, and is in view. The exposed style tends to be a good option for larger bathrooms and for those who want a shorter installation time. Additionally, the easy access to the pipes can make repairs much easier. Many existing exposed shower installations can be replaced without the need to break through tiles if there is any need for repair.

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Here's what our product designer Alastair has to say about shower styles...

“It is now easier than ever to match the style of your shower with the other fittings in your bathroom. With an array of contemporary and classic styles on offer, you should have no problem finding a shower that matches your taps, accessories and even your furniture; tying the whole room together. Many of our shower systems have been designed specifically to match our tap ranges, making style choices even more simple.”

Shower Size

Size matters when it comes to selecting the perfect rain shower. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, be sure to pick a shower system that reflects the size of the room, if not your bathroom may end up looking disjointed. Worried about balancing luxury and function? Then opt for a concealed system, as that will allow for a larger head in a more understated way.

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