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The Tavistock Guide to Bathroom Taps

The Tavistock Guide to Bathroom Taps

Brassware is often the finishing touch when it comes to designing your perfect bathroom. From freestanding taps to statement wall-mounted taps, there are many options for creating a distinctive style in your bathroom through your brassware choices.

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Water Pressure:

Before any stylistic choices can be made, the technical considerations must come first. Your water pressure determines the way water moves through the pipes in your home, so low water pressure means slower movement. This is an important consideration when it comes to selecting your ideal bathroom taps, as you may find some taps are not best suited to your home’s water pressure. Look out for the bar rating to determine whether the tap is best for you.

One-tap hole:

A less exciting, but very important consideration when it comes to selecting your taps, is what kind of framework you are working with. If your sink only has one tap hole, then that inevitably limits your choices as to what kind of tap you can go for. Rather than opting for two, separate hot and cold taps, this will mean choosing a basin mixer which does it all for you.

Two-tap hole:

Similarly, to the one tap hole, two tap holes mean separate basin taps that (usually) are hot and cold. We particularly love our Varsity basin taps, which hark back to traditional styling with a classic design and cross head detailing. The pillar tap style is particularly effective for traditional styling. The best part is, we have a whole range of Varsity brassware that creates a seamless look throughout your bathroom.

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Bath taps:

When it comes to selecting the perfect bath mixer or tap, there are a number of key considerations to make. Are you short on space, is water pressure low in your bathroom, what kind of style are you hoping to nail?

If you’re tight on space, you’re probably best-off opting for a bath and shower mixer. This style provides a tap function that will fill your bathtub, with an attached shower handset perfect for mounting to the wall, washing hair, or even cleaning the bath!

If you struggle with low water pressure in your bathroom, a 2-tap hole bath filler is likely the most suitable option. Many of them are compatible with 0.2bar water systems, which means your bath won’t take forever to fill.

If your style leans more towards the Bronte aesthetic, then there are a multitude of styles at Tavistock that will certainly fit your tastes. Our most popular ranges are the Ashmore bath and shower mixer, or the Varsity bath filler. To really achieve that traditional look, pair complimentary brassware pieces for the ultimate traditional aesthetic.

Looking for that modern contemporary style? Try out a bath mixer with sleek lines, often seen in contemporary designs. If you’re a fan of modern finishes, then it’s best to pick something that looks as classic as it does modern – this will help to keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean for the years to come. For an ultra-modern look, why opt for the luxury of a waterfall bath tap?


Taps are the perfect final touch for a bathroom and take a room from contemporary to traditional just like that. From waterfall, to freestanding, to wall mounted, there are plenty of styles to choose from, and an array of finishes that can add touches of luxury and class to your bathroom. For an ultra-modern finish try out black taps. For something a little more classic and traditional, freestanding taps may be the best option – especially those with a little enamel or porcelain accent. Choosing the best taps for smaller bathrooms can often be slightly harder than selecting statement pieces for the family bathroom. If you’re looking to choose the perfect cloakroom taps, rather than going for twin taps or a statement basin mixer, opt for a mini option or something a little sleeker to avoid the room looking too cluttered.