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The Blue Bathroom Trend

The Blue Bathroom Trend

In an era focused on minimalism, and neutral trends like Japandi, it’s easy to forget the classics. Blue in bathrooms may not be a revolutionary concept, but the shade is popular for a reason.

Tranquillity, calm and relaxation spring to mind when you see blue, which could be the reason for its popularity in the bathrooms. From rich royal blues to luxe azure, to bright aqua, there are many options to choose from. With a spectrum of colours it can be hard to narrow down the perfect colour for your individual space.

So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

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Stormy Blue

Dark, verging on obsidian, blue is a real statement in a bathroom. The colour feels almost dream-like in a small bathroom space – creating an especially opulent feel that invokes a luxurious atmosphere in any bathroom. The real benefit of selecting a colour with such depth , is that many colours pair well with it. Gold accents work especially well, emulating a sumptuous feel that can be seen in high-end hotels. But for something a little more timeless and approachable, try chrome accents that soften the depth of the colour.

Blue and White

Perhaps one of the reasons blue is such a popular choice for bathrooms, is the nautical connotations of the colour. One such pairing that is truly nautical is the classic blue and white. With sanitaryware traditionally being white (unless you fancy travelling back to the 60’s with a fetching mustard yellow toilet), the contrast can be easily created with blue wallpaper or tiles and white sanitaryware. Even better, navy blue bathroom furniture can pair beautifully with white tiles for a classically British bathroom style.

Bright Blue

Some shades can easily date in bathrooms, and whilst you may love them in the moment, hues like aqua or arctic blue are a little too bright to commit to a tiled wall. Step in, accessories. By inserting colour with blue bathroom styling items, like bathmats, towels and accessories, you can see a glimpse of the colour you love with much less long-term commitment (this is also far cheaper!).

Muted Shades

Neutrals are having a real moment, and in a sea of beige, it’s easy to assume that blue would have no place amongst this. However, selecting a shade that is equally as muted and soft, such as a pale mineral blue can create a real feeling of peace and serenity in a bathroom and emulate that spa-like feel. If your style edges more towards the traditional, go for a mineral blue furniture unit paired with neutral panelling.

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