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An Extensive Guide to Toilet Terminology

An Extensive Guide to Toilet Terminology

When it comes to the tricky world of toilet terminology, we’re here to lend a helping hand and help you find the right toilet for you

Selecting a new bathroom toilet may not come with the glitz and glamour of a swanky new furniture unit or tech-savvy illuminated mirror, but there’s still a lot to consider when it comes to finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

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Toilet Cistern

What is a toilet cistern?

Within a toilet, the cistern is a small tank that stores water for flushing. Toilet cisterns are designed to hold the correct amount of water to allow the user to flush the toilet bowl after use. There are a few types of toilet cistern, which leads us onto…

Concealed Cistern

What is a concealed cistern?

The clue is in the name with this one. The cistern will be hidden behind the wall or furniture unit in your bathroom, which allows the toilet to sit flush against the wall. This is perfect for those of you that favour minimalist design, as the cistern is out of sight and style can take priority.

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Flush Plates

What is a flush plate?

Flush plates shouldn't be an afterthought - they can elevate any bathroom look, and ensure the space feels cohesive and chic. Ideally paired with a boxed-in WC unit, or a back-to-wall furniture unit, a flush plate is a sleek alternative to a cistern-top flush button, and is installed into the WC wall. Many flush plates offer multiple flushing options - for instance a full flush or part flush- which helps to conserve water. Flush plates also have the added benefit of features such as sensor flush, which requires merely the wave of a hand to operate. Take a look at some of our favourites here...

Toilet Frame

What is a toilet frame?

An alternative to a freestanding traditional WC and cistern combination is a wall-hung toilet. This floating WC design, which is installed flush to a wall, requires additional support in the form of a toilet frame. Usually made from coated metal and designed to be strong enough to take the user’s weight, a toilet frame is hidden from sight, but nevertheless provides a key function.

Close Coupled WC

What is a close-coupled toilet?

A close-coupled toilet is an isolated unit that consists of one unit, rather than a separate bowl and cistern. The benefit of a close coupled toilet is the streamlined effect of the unit, with the pipes hidden within the toilet rather than being exposed. This style of toilet is a lot more compact than other toilet designs, meaning they are perfect for tight corners or awkward spaces.

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Rimless Toilet

What is a rimless toilet?

The difference between rimless and traditional loos, is seen when you open the lid to look at the toilet bowl. There, you’ll see that there’s no rim around the inside of the toilet bowl, creating a more powerful and economical flush option. The real benefit of rimless toilets is that they are much easier to clean and therefore far more hygienic than their traditional counterparts.

Rimmed Toilet

What is a rimmed toilet?

Traditional toilets or rimmed loos, as they can be called, have a rim surrounding the inner pan of the toilet when you flush, meaning the water distributes from under the toilet rim. This is an older style of toilet that is usually seen in period properties or older homes.

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Back to Wall Toilets

What is a back to wall toilet?

This style of toilet, where the pan sits snugly against the wall or a piece of furniture, is perfect for concealing unsightly pipework and creating a clean and modern look. When paired with fitted furniture options, this can look ultra-slick and stylish.

Floating Toilet

What is a floating or wall-hung toilet?

A floating toilet can also be known as a wall-hung or wall-mounted toilet. Wall hung toilets are usually mounted on a sturdy metal frame, which is then concealed within the wall or furniture – hence the ‘floating’ effect of the toilet. This style of loo is perfect for those looking to create a minimalist and ultra-modern feel, and pairs beautifully with fitted furniture.

Toilet Sink Units

What is a toilet sink unit?

Similarly, to back to wall toilets, toilet sink units are where your key bathroom areas are combined into one block. This is typically done through the utilisation of fitted furniture, where the basin and toilet are embedded into the furniture unit to create a seamless washroom unit.

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Toilet Seats

Standard close, soft close, automated...

...believe it or not, there are actually a lot of toilet seat styles available, with the 2 most prevalent being soft close and standard close seats. Put simply, soft close seats have a gently closing mechanism that prevents the seat banging against the bowl of the toilet - perfect for kids! Standard close seats are usually cheaper and more widely available without the soft closing element.