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Designing Your Perfect Wet Room Bathroom

Designing Your Perfect Wet Room Bathroom

Modern, luxurious, sophisticated; wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular among British homeowners.

A wet room bathroom may seem like a real luxury, reserved for those with abundant space, but we’re here to show you how to create an ultra-luxe space even if space is at a premium. No matter your renovation experience, we’ve packed this guide with plenty of helpful tips and tricks for creating a gorgeous wet room at home.

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What is a Wet Room?

A wet room bathroom is a space in which the floor and walls are waterproofed, allowing the entire room to be used as a shower or bath area. This type of bathroom has become popular in recent years due to its modern, sleek look. Typically easy to maintain, the majority of wet rooms can be designed to fit any budget.

The key difference between a wetroom and a typical bathroom is the removal of the stand-in large shower tray that you would normally have in a bathroom. Instead, the entire bathroom becomes one large walk in shower enclosure. The removal of the shower tray means that the floor will all sit at one level, with water able to flow freely into a draining area. This will result in an airy, open space that feels far more luxurious and high-end. With openness being a key design feature of wet rooms, there tends to be fewer places where dirt and grime can accumulate.

Wet room bathrooms have many advantages over traditional bathrooms. They are more spacious and open, allowing for more natural light to enter the room. If you’re someone who loves the waterfall shower look, a wetroom is sure to be for you!

Design Considerations for Wet Room Bathrooms

When designing a wetroom bathroom, there are several considerations that should be at the forefront of your mind. First, the feasibility of tanking your space. It goes without saying that any wet room should be fully waterproof in order to perfect the wet room look. Wet room installation isn’t something that we’d recommend doing as a DIY job, it’s important to enlist a builder or specialist for this particular task! Next up, the size and shape of your room. The benefit of a wetroom design is that an open space provides a multitude of design options. It’s vital that your space can accommodate all of the fixtures and fittings that you need for a functional bathroom, as many wetrooms are usually a little smaller than the average bathroom.

Finally, curating your space. From your choice of shower to accessibility needs such as shower seats, it’s important to select fixtures that are designed with your needs in mind, but keep the style of the space true to you. From floor to wall tiles to shower benches, to your choice of sanitaryware, your stylistic choices can create a beautiful wetroom that exudes elegance. Choosing the right materials and fixtures can help make your wet room look and feel like a real retreat within your home.

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Whether you’re a fan of modern, minimalist design or favour something more traditional, there are plenty of ways to ensure your wet room feels luxurious and inviting. If you want to embrace the full wet room look, and forgo a wet room shower screen, it’s vital to consider the broader requirements within your space. For instance, your sanitaryware is likely to come into contact with some water from the shower if there is no divider in your space. Therefore, we’d suggest a wall-hung WC for something ultra hygienic that will prevent too much pooling of water. When it comes to contemporary styling options, consider bolder finishes, like brass or matte black for your shower. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge with bold tile choices and bright colours for a scheme that feels slightly more fun and intriguing. Keep some element of cohesion within your wet room by pairing the finishes within your space, like pairing your towel ring with your shower valve finish.

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...or classic

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, consider a more neutral scheme and classic fixture choices. A raincan style overhead shower in a chrome finish is a timeless style that will serve as a gorgeous focal point in any wet room. If you’re looking for a traditional look that still feels functional, we’d suggest installing a wet room screen or glass panel that will contain some of the spray from the shower and prevent a soaked space. For a classic look that will stand the test of time, select your tiles carefully. We’d recommend varying the textures used in your bathroom to avoid the space feeling too flat. For instance, Mediterranean tiles often have a slightly more rustic finish that pairs beautifully with more polished tiles like an Onyx marble option. Select tiles with similar undertones to keep the look in your wet room cohesive.

Great for accessibility:

Wet rooms are a great option for those who need to create an accessible space. With plenty of openness, the spaciousness can be incredibly beneficial for those with mobility issues. If you would like to embrace the full wet room look without a shower screen or any separation, there will be ample space for any grab bars or shower seats. We’d recommend a wall mounted shower seat that can be folded away for convenience, as well as wall mounted sanitaryware that will prevent any water from pooling. Tavistock’s sanitaryware offering includes plenty of comfort height WCs for those who have limited mobility.

You may think that an accessible bathroom won’t feel refined, but adding a luxury shower to a space, as well as some smart tile choices can transform any bathroom.

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Our Shower Picks for a Sophisticated Wetroom:

The majority of wetrooms use large shower heads or waterfall shower heads to create a focal point within a wet room. Exposed shower kits with riser rails and exposed shower heads with hoses are a great option for a wet room, as they are incredibly functional for a wet room and statement enough for a luxury space. Any wet room shower should be a standout in the space, whilst remaining complementary to the tile choice that it sits on. We love a matte black shower on a statement marble tile for a look that feels cohesive yet still makes a statement.

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Top Shower Choices:

Whether you’re looking for a thermostatic shower that feels ultra modern or a rain shower that’s sure to make a statement, we have plenty of shower designs that will suit your wet room design beautifully. If you want to accentuate the feeling of openness, then a concealed shower option may be the best choice for your wet room. The shower riser rail will be on display here, but the valve will be concealed, keeping the look of your wet room shower fittings ultra minimal and refined. Try pairing this contemporary look with some of the of-the-moment bathroom finishes like Tadelakt or micro-cement for a masterclass in contemporary sophistication.

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