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Cottagecore Bathroom Design Tips

Cottagecore Bathroom Design Tips

Every year, we see breakout trends emerge that redefine the modern interiors landscape..

This year, Cottagecore has emerged as a major trend that is encouraging homeowners and design lovers to embrace the simplicity of the home, and romanticise domestic life.
Such a trend may seem best suited to living rooms or the bedroom, but here we show you how bathrooms can embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic.

What is Cottagecore?

The style first emerged on Tumblr, with the aesthetic slowly increasing in popularity until it graced the covers of some of the industry's most popular publications. Cottagecore style draws inspiration from the countryside and traditional aesthetics, to create a style that feels homely, welcoming and romantic. Think soft textures, a rich colour palette and twee decorations – anything that would fit perfectly in a rural farmhouse, is right at home in Cottagecore design.

Take a look at our Cottagecore Pinterest Board

Cottagecore Bathroom Ideas:

From colour palettes to design elements, take a look at our top tips for creating the Cottagecore look at home.

A whimsy palette:

If you want to embrace the whimsical style, start with the colour palette. Opt for a palette that invokes that vintage feel – something that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a Studio Ghibli home. Keep it soft and gentle with pastels and warm neutrals, and try pairing with a botanical wallpaper for that heritage look.

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Bathroom furniture:

The Cottagecore aesthetic calls for texture and softness, and your choice of furniture can perfectly capture that feeling. Opt for a freestanding unit for an entirely traditional look, and keep the finish basic and classic to allow your tiles and wall choices to pop. Many cottage style bathrooms have checkerboard tile flooring, so you’ll need a furniture choice that balances this out, and doesn’t feel too loud.

Keeping everything pretty and soft is essential to Cottagecore bathrooms, and that means no clutter! Utilise your furniture and store your bathroom bits and bobs away in your cabinets and furniture to ensure your space retains that sense of ease and peacefulness.

Cottage bathroom brassware:

Cottage style bathrooms typically have design elements that feel rustic and traditional, so opt for classic designs like shaker furniture or traditional brassware. Cottagecore home décor is often simple and uncomplicated, so don’t focus on accessories, keep the space functional and welcoming. Cottagecore houses will often have rural, heritage design elements, so take a look at some stately home bathrooms, for inspiration in terms of bathroom fittings and fixings!

Cottage core finishing touches:

Country style elements like brass handles, traditional door knobs and cottage bathroom accessories add a traditional, British flair to any cottage core style bathroom. The finishing touch in the bathroom decorating process, smartly selected handles and accessories help create that English countryside aesthetic and gently point to the rural feel of the cottage core aesthetic.

Tiles and wallpaper:

Look for any tile choices that would be likely to grace the pages of a ‘Cottage Bathroom Ideas’ moodboard or cottagecore decor instagram account. Anything that points to rural life or traditional style is perfect - even Cottagecore kitchens can provide ample inspiration! Pick out quintessentially British tiles and a loud wallpaper for that busy, yet homely look.

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Create the Cottagecore look:

If you’re a fan of our take on the Cottagecore aesthetic, our Marston furniture set, take a look at this Create the Look page. Here we show you exactly how Zoe, our Senior Content Producer pieced together design elements for a classic Cottagecore bathroom.

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