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Country Bathrooms: A Design Guide

Country Bathrooms: A Design Guide

Forget lacy net curtains and brightly coloured gingham, today’s country aesthetic is a rustic masterclass.

It's no longer a look reserved for those living in thatched cottages, or those out in some far out rural corner of the world. Country style decor has taken over the interiors space, and is a style that works beautifully in all kinds of homes.

The beauty of country style is that it embraces many aesthetics, and achieves that sought after balance between old and new. Combining old-fashioned cosiness with some modern comforts, country interiors are a practical choice for many who want to introduce some warmth to the usually clinical bathroom.

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Country Bathroom Colour Palettes

Traditionally, country interiors would be rich with dark woods and various shades of brown and beige. For a fresher take that feels much more ‘Modern Country’, opt for airy, light colours that add a feeling of spaciousness and bounce the light around. Neutral wooden panelling is a sure fire way to add character, whilst whitewashed flooring will keep the space modern without overstepping into clinical.

If you gravitate more towards brighter palettes and want to incorporate pops of colour into your country bathroom, choose softer pastels. Duck egg blues, sage greens, deep pinks and mustard yellows retain that relaxing feel without feeling too bold.

Using whites, beiges and greys as your foundation, you can pick out a secondary palette of slightly bolder shades that will add interest to any neutral scheme.

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Curated Details

Modern country bathrooms are the perfect space to experiment with more adventurous brassware choices. Whilst you may think that sticking to traditional chrome elements is the way to go when curating your country style bathroom, clashing metals is a hallmark of many country cottage interiors. Bronze, brass and chrome combine to create an aged look that feels full of character, and doesn’t feel overly manicured.

From your choice of handle to the finish of your bath filler, the details are a perfect way to personalise your space and ensure it really feels true to you. Any country cottage bathroom is made in the details, the choice of brassware is crucial to really nailing that country feel.

Introduce Some Texture

Adding layers of organic texture to a country bathroom will bring cosiness and warmth to any neutral scheme - and make it feel more homely!

So much of the country interior look and feel is about that aged look that wouldn’t feel out of place in a well used country cottage. Layer up soft linens with aged woods and raw worktops for a cosy yet structured look. If you’re not a fan of the rough and rustic look, try adding soft textures for some visual interest - fluffy bath sheets immediately add a comforting feel, whilst rattan decor is a great way to introduce a rustic texture that still feels delicate.

Clashing Patterns

So much of country style comes down to where you want refinement, and where you relax the rules a little. Bold wallpapers may feel daunting to many, yet they are the perfect way to introduce that quirky, heritage feel that is often found in country homes and interiors. Ensuite bathrooms are the perfect place to introduce bold patterns, with the powder rooms of country house interiors often filled with statement wallpaper and clashing tiling.

And to prevent the wallpaper from crossing over into kitsch territory, ensure that you keep the undertones in the room cohesive. For example, this boldly patterned wallpaper from our Marston set works because the tones are cohesive. The pattern is loud and statement, but when paired with similarly toned tiles and furniture, the space retains some order.


Farmhouse Furniture

Despite our wildest desires, any bathroom must hold substance above style. Whilst we may love the look of abundant accessories and endless decor, it’s important for a bathroom to be easy to clean and functional. Being wipable, having storage, and feeling spacious are all vital requirements of any bathroom, but it’s easy to think you can have those or you can have style - when really you can have both!

The Victorian era’s love of decorative detail is perfect for that country look, so it’s a win-win to opt for traditional shaker-style furniture if you need a little more storage. If you’re looking to blend eras within your country bathroom, try pairing classic furniture with more modern sanitaryware, or select a neutral palette that feels understated against a traditional furniture choice.

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Historical Elements

Chequerboard tiling and panelling are hallmarks of historic interior design, and fortunately they are also the kinds of style that wouldn’t be out of place in a grand country house bathroom. Chessboard floors are perfect for the bathroom, and in keeping with a Victorian style, whilst pinstriped walls are a bolder way to introduce a heritage feel. For those who are working with a limited budget, try out the design with a splashback for a toned-down take. When it comes to picking out your furniture, don’t be afraid to opt for more traditional furniture and then modernise the wall and floor choices. Pedestal sinks, shaker furniture and high level cisterns are perfect ways to embrace the historic feel, yet they can easily be modernised.

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Seasonal Decor

Cutesy florals and countryside foliage are a common motif found in country interiors - afterall, country style decorating is a reflection of its surroundings. But whilst they’re commonly used on wallpapers and fabrics, plants and foliage are a simple (and relatively inexpensive!) way to introduce some of the countryside into your interiors.

Be sure to pick our moisture-loving foliage for your bathroom, or if you’re not blessed with green fingers, you can never go wrong with an artificial option. Blossoming florals are a beautiful option for spring, and a great way to quietly introduce a little colour to any space. Alternatively, bold branches like willow or maple are a wonderful way to showcase seasonal fauna in your home.

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Our Picks

We love the country feel of our Legacy Flax bathroom. From the autumnal palette to the variation of textures, this country bathroom is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. With carefully selected brassware and handle choices, designed to complement the country feel, this bathroom manages to feel rustic without feeling cluttered or overly curated. Love this look? Head over to our dedicated ‘Create the Look’ page for more…

Legacy Flax: Create the Look
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