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Clever storage hacks that will transform your bathroom

Clever storage hacks that will transform your bathroom

Shows like The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have seen people embark on the tidying process with renewed vigour. No longer will we tidy rooms in a manic rush with the impending arrival of guests, instead decluttering is a tool we can use to ‘spark joy’!

Whilst this may seem possible for many other rooms in the house, the bathroom is so frequently used, often it can be neglected in terms of tidying and decluttering. So, try out some of these storage hacks that will transform your bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite, into a clutter-free, Kondo-worthy oasis.

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1. Assess the Mess

From tall bathroom cabinets, to fitted storage drawers, to bathroom shelves, the options for storage within your bathroom are endless. The problem can be picking the right option for your space though. So, step one: assess the mess – do you have towels scrunched up on the floor, countertop clutter, or toiletries littered across the room? Basically, more bits and bobs + cluttered disorder = more storage needed!

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2. Put all your eggs in one basket

You might think that organising your bathroom requires assembling furniture, or drilling into tiles, but in reality, little tweaks can be made with baskets, or display units. Baskets are a great quick fix for those bits and bobs that can so quickly clutter counter space. They’re also useful for softening what can often be quite a clinical space. Try mixing and matching basket sizes for your cosmetics, soaps or even for storing your towels.

Storage basket Round jute basket for home decor and storage Etsy

3. Take a #Shelfie

Whilst shelves may seem like a boring option, they’re a great tool for bathroom organisation, but also for displaying some of your more aesthetically pleasing clutter. Try styling up your skincare by displaying it in a colour-coordinated, aesthetically pleasing arrangement, like this:

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For smarter utilisation of space, the room above the toilet is often neglected when it comes to designing your bathroom space, but it’s the perfect space for bathroom organisation.

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4. More than just a medicine cabinet

If you’re not quite ready to start adding furniture, or need smaller bathroom storage, mirrored cabinets are a quickly achievable storage option. Gone are the days of clunky medicine cabinets that stick out like a sore thumb, now your bathroom mirror can blend seamlessly whilst still offering ample storage.

5. Storage top to bottom

Whilst quick fixes are brilliant for those odd bits of clutter, sometimes a bigger solution is necessary. A freestanding storage unit or wall mounted cabinet can add masses of storage to a bathroom. Think about varying the heights of your units, a tall unit can make your ceiling look higher and room look bigger!

6. Say goodbye to the floor-drobe

Often, one of the best ways to keep a room looking clutter-free, is to ensure the floorspace is clear. You might be wondering how clear floorspace is possible when it comes to storage utilisation? Well, wall-mounted drawer units are fantastic at keeping a room clear, whilst seemingly enlarging it too. If you want to make a real statement, try a double vanity unit like this Cadence one. To best utilise the space in these units, try drawer inserts for Home Edit worthy organisation!

Tavistock Header Images Cadence
Quick and Easy Bath Storage
Cadence 500mm wallmounted white finish lifestyle 72dpi 800x890

7. Try a towel rack

Heated towel racks not only bring a snippet of hotel luxury to the bathroom, they’re also incredibly practical and keep towels from appearing in damp, scrunched up balls on the floor. Ideal for family bathrooms, towel racks are an obvious, but useful form of towel storage.