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Classic Bathroom Styling

Classic Bathroom Styling

Classic design never gets old. At least, classic design done right. Traditional bathroom styles can either look as impressive as a grandiose stately home, or like a dated damp neglected corner deserving of Miss Havisham.

With these styling pointers, you’ll be able to create a classic bathroom that will look perfectly at home in any traditional setting, with splashes of luxury to create that sought after spa feeling.

Classic Furniture

Classic bathroom units are one of the most effective ways to create a traditionally styled bathroom. For high impact, try a classic bathroom vanity unit in a ‘His and Hers’ style. Shaker or Victorian style units, like Vitoria or Lansdown can add a real statement to any bathroom, and create a sense of luxury. The high standard finish of units like these adds indulgence to any bathroom, but for classic bathrooms, furniture like this is an absolute must.

Vitoria 600 US Pebble Grey square lifestyle

A Rich Colour Scheme:

Rich shades like plums, emeralds, and dramatic blues are perfect for a traditional bathroom. Typically offset by copper or brass accents, the combination of rich jewel tones and a daring palette creates a sumptuous, luxurious feel for a room. Dark colours applied with forethought, can look great in a smaller bathroom as well, as it can make the room feel more opulent and intimate, so whites and beiges aren’t always best!

Bold Brassware:

Brassware is a part of a bathroom that can elevate the setting from functional to luxurious. Traditionally styled bathrooms were often viewed as stuffy and dated, but statement fixtures allow a bathroom to bring elements of the classic style seen in the rest of the house into the bathroom. These kinds of fixtures will look perfect in any setting, from a countryside cottage to a stately manor. Think classic exposed shower systems, Georgian style taps and freestanding bath fillers.


A perfect way of bringing the classic style from the rest of the house into the bathroom, panelling shouldn’t just be reserved for living or dining rooms. The classic feel of panelling creates a traditional feel, and can be done in such a way that feels uniform, with classic bath panels mixed in with traditional wall panelling. If you want to try something even more adventurous, try half panelling walls with exotic wallpaper up top!

High Level Toilets:

To create a traditionally styled bathroom, a classic high-level cistern and pan add to the authenticity – especially if you have certain period features in your home that require you to be sympathetic to the surroundings. If you’re still not a huge fan of the classic look, try a classic white look with a wooden toilet seat that matches the furniture.

Vitoria high level cistern detail BW
Vitoria 600 US Pebble Grey lifestyle
Ashmore Tap Pair Lifestyle

Classic Country Taps:

There’s a timelessness to classically styled bathrooms, and often the taps are the finishing touch to creating this style. Bath mixers like this Ashmore Shower Mixer create a cohesiveness across the entire bathroom suite. Paired with a classic bathroom sink with a pedestal, the classic style evokes a Georgian or Edwardian feel, and is an enduring look perfect for any classic home.

Exotic Wallpaper Design:

Wallpaper may not be something you consider a go-to for a bathroom, but as long as you go for a washable kind then you’re all set! A great way to inject personality, wallpaper looks great in any size room, from a classic powder room to large family bathroom. Where contemporary rooms favour minimalism, classic bathrooms favour maximalism – so be adventurous! The bolder, the better!

Copper Baths:

A real statement, copper bathtubs are a fantastic way to create a vintage and classic feel in a bathroom. They’re also more versatile than they appear, and can look great against darker hues as well as lighter shades. Admittedly, you may require a little more space for these to look as statement as possible, but in a larger bathroom, a copper bath is a necessity for a classically styled bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtubs:

Perfect for a long soak, freestanding baths are a statement in classic bathrooms. You might think that you’ll need a huge bathroom for this kind of bath to look right, but there’s an ever-growing selection of smaller freestanding baths being produced, so you can get the look no matter your bathroom size. To get the ultimate classic bathroom look, opt for a clawfoot tub, and match your taps to the metal.

Wood floor

Wood Flooring:

Whilst traditional wood flooring isn’t a great idea for bathrooms due to the risks of warping and splitting from humidity, there are great engineered wood options available that look incredibly realistic. A number of retailers, such as www.naturalwoodfloor.co.uk offer great alternative options that are bathroom appropriate. Think dark, espresso toned flooring to create a classic Gothic feel – this will create the ultimate traditional bathroom setting.

It’s in the Detail:

The things that really finish off a bathroom are often the things that we give the least thought. Think of robe hooks, or toothbrush holders – accessories that are often neglected in the design process, but important none-the-less. Try to match the metal to your door knobs or flush buttons, for a completely seamless look.

What do you think then, are you a classic or contemporary stylist– or maybe a bit of both?