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A Guide to Modern Bathroom Cabinets

A Guide to Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Mirrored, recessed, freestanding and medicine – when it comes to bathroom cabinets, the options are endless.

All these options don’t make the selection process any easier though. From the space that you’re working with, to the usage, to more stylistic choices, there are many areas that you will need to consider before committing to cabinet installation.

Tavistock Bathroom Cabinets


Thinking about exactly what you will use your bathroom cabinet for, is a pretty good starting point when it comes to narrowing down your bathroom cabinet selection. Will you be shaving or doing your makeup in your bathroom each morning? How much storage space do you need – a lot of tubs and tubes, or a few tall items? What about charging points for toothbrushes or shavers?

Thinking about these options can help narrow down your choice and find what’s best for you.

For the morning routine...

A mirrored bathroom cabinet will be the best option for the morning shaving or makeup routine – this is a given. But innovations in bathroom technology have allowed bathroom cabinets to become more advanced and useful for the morning routine. Heated demister pads have seen fogged up, smeared cabinets become a thing of the past, and the time-strapped Monday morning rush can be destressed with this useful creation. On top of a demisting cabinet, an illuminated bathroom cabinet will ensure you have ample lighting for the morning routine. Even better, unflattering yellow lighting need not be a worry when it comes to makeup application, with dimmers and colour changing technology ensuring your lighting is picture perfect.

For the family bathroom…

Bathroom storage is essential in the modern bathroom – especially in the family bathroom. From shampoo bottles to flannels, to electric toothbrushes, there are many bits and bobs that can clutter a bathroom. A bathroom storage cabinet doesn’t need to be an eyesore and bulky, though, with recessed bathroom cabinets ensuring the room remains streamlined. A double door bathroom cabinet above bathroom furniture can add a real statement with functionality also being a priority. Combine two features in one, with a recessed mirrored cabinet removing the need for two items, and providing a sleek look.

For the tech-lover…

Bathroom technology has created many solutions for common bathroom annoyances, such as poor lighting or steamy surfaces, but for those looking for a little more fun, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror will make your shower experience far more enjoyable! Combining this feature with a bathroom mirror with lights or an illuminated mirror adds a modern techy flair to a bathroom. Alternatively, if you have an electric toothbrush or shaver, ensuring that there is a charging point in your cabinet will keep the sleek aesthetic with concealed functionality.

Size and Space.

Whilst a double door bathroom cabinet with all the bells and whistles may seem like the most desirable option, realistically the size of such a cabinet may not be practical. If you’re tight on space, try out a single door mirrored bathroom cabinet with the option to recess. This will save on the additional need for a mirror and the recessed feature will keep your bathroom neat and tidy!

Design and style.

The final consideration when selecting your perfect bathroom cabinet – and the most fun! – is what style fits your tastes. Whether you lean more towards the contemporary side, or are a classic stylist at heart, there will be something to fit your tastes. Perhaps mirrored cabinets are just not for you, in which case a wall-mounted storage column may be the best fit. Whatever your tastes, there will certainly be some form of cabinetry perfect for you.

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