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A Guide to Fitted Bathroom Furniture

A Guide to Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture has come a long way from the days of dated medicine cabinets and rickety sink pedestals.

Fitted bathroom furniture is a super-efficient way to ensure that all of your bathroom bits and bobs are tucked away neatly, rather than creating clutter. By adhering to a layout similar to that seen in kitchens, fitted furniture is just as efficient and stylish. Fitted bathroom furniture is perfect for concealing unsightly pipework, whilst maximising storage, making it an ideal solution for small and large bathrooms, alike.

What is fitted furniture?

Put simply, fitted bathroom furniture is a configuration of separate units that fit together to create a fitted solution – similar to those seen in a kitchen. This furniture style is easiest to understand when you consider each section in blocks; so the washbasin and underneath unit is one block, cupboards another, toilet another – and so on. The blocks will all sit under a countertop, and be flush against the wall, creating a cohesive structure.

The main appeal of fitted bathroom furniture to many is the fact that it is an entirely tailorable solution, meaning you can create a structure designed for your own space.

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How much space do you need for fitted furniture?

The first consideration for your fitted furniture should be assessing your bathroom space. Consider how much space you have – fitted furniture can make a bathroom feel ultra sleek and expensive when executed well, so ensure that you measure all those nooks and crannies for a tailored look.

Another important consideration, is how much space do you need your fitted furniture to have? The likelihood is, if you’re looking to install the furniture in a family bathroom, you’ll need space for an assortment of shampoo bottles, toilet rolls and the odd rubber duck, or two. Your fitted furniture will probably need an array of shelf heights, cupboard depths and plenty of countertop space.

Legacy Matt Dark Grey Wide Lifestyle

Modern or Traditional Fitted Furniture?

Most bathroom furniture can generally fit under two stylistic umbrellas – contemporary and classic. Both have their benefits and can look elegant and chic, although it is best to stick to one style and consistently use it throughout the bathroom. Looking at your house as a whole, it’s a good idea to replicate your wider home’s style in your bathroom, for an extra cohesive look (this can also increase resale value in the housing market).

Legacy Metro Grey Detail

Traditional furniture usually features details associated with vintage style, such as shaker style panelling, statement handles and wood effect finishes. If your home already features traditional design elements, the style can be complimentary to your wider home style and enhance an already established look.

Modern bathroom furniture tends to favour minimalist style. This means drawers without handles for a seamless appearance, streamlined curves or sleek, angular lines and up-to-date colour choices. For an ultra-modern look, opt for a wall-mounted solution, as the enhanced sense of space creates a contemporary look perfect for smaller spaces.

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A Tailor Made Bathroom

If you’re interested in bringing your dream fitted bathroom to life, book a design appointment to ensure every nook and cranny is fitted to perfection. Sometimes, it’s easiest to leave it to the experts and ensure that there are no awkward snags – and that’s exactly what our design appointment service is here for! With an eagle eye for design, our stockists can help you meticulously plan every area of the bathroom to perfection and ensure your bathroom is as functional as it is stylish.

Finishing touches

From taps to towel rings, handles to house plants...

Selecting the finishing touches to compliment your fitted bathroom furniture is just as important as the style of the furniture itself. Accessorising can transform a bathroom from a plain shell of a room to a homely, stylish space.

By coordinating your accessory choices with the finish of your brassware, you can create a cohesive bathroom suite that feels highly curated, for minimal effort. Take a look at some of our favourites below...

Looking for the perfect tap pairing for your Fitted Furniture...?

Tailor your Fitted Furniture selection even more, with a stylish tap choice. For an ultra modern look, opt for a matt black finish; for something classically traditional, try a classic pair of basin mixers with enamel detailing...

...Or maybe a sleek, new mirror option?

Whether you're looking to coordinate a framed mirror with your fitted bathroom furniture, or want to add a smart element to your space with an illuminated and demisting mirror, we have an abundance of mirror options that will add to your bathroom.