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5 tips for choosing a bathroom mirror

5 tips for choosing a bathroom mirror

No matter the size of your bathroom, a cloak room or a large family bathroom, the addition of a mirror can substantially transform the space.

Are you looking for a simple illuminated mirror or a large statement, a mirror can provide a focal point that will bring the room together? Here are some of our tips to help find the right one for you.

Style Over Substance

When shopping for a mirror, keep your existing bathroom style in mind. Consider your existing design, including your wall tiles, flooring, colours and textures. Whether its strong angular lines or smoother softer curves, there are mirrors that will compliment all designs. It should be a seamless addition to your bathroom space without over powering or distracting from other furniture items. A framed mirror can offer defined edge and can work well on a vibrant backdrop. Or if you are wanting a more modern look, a frameless mirror can help to make the most of the space with the potential to reflect more light, making a small space feel bigger.

Lansdown 1200mm dark grey matt with double Aster mirror lifestyle 72dpi
Frame 1200mm Gloss white lifestyle
Tavistock Resonate mirror lifestyle


A light and bright space will always feel bigger, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Whether your room is blessed with natural light or not, there are plenty of creative ways to get more light in your bathrooms.

LED illuminated mirrors to offer the ability to provide angled bathroom lighting for your vanity area.

Consider where you want the light to be projected, with many LED mirrors you have the choice of backlighting or front lighting.

Changing light temperature technology enables you to adjust the bathroom environment based on the task at hand and time of day. Kick-start your day with bright, invigorating daylight, or choose to wind down your day with warm light for sleepy evening tasks.

The Aster range of slim LED Mirrors enables you to change the intensity of the light to be as bright or as dim as you wish.


The position of your mirror in your bathroom is essential to ensure it fulfills its full potential.

If the shortest member of the household can only see their forehead, some adjusts may need to be made!

But seriously, the position on the wall is important. Consider the symmetry of the room to ensure that it will be balanced within the space.

Take a step back and look at it from all angles, both inside and outside of the room.

Consider dividing the space into thirds with the mirror in the centre, with equal space on either side.

It can be made easier if you have light fittings on each side to act as a reference point.