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    Backlit Mirrors

    Feel like a film star when you add a stunning
    backlit mirror to your bathroom.

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    Backlit Mirrors Features

    • Backlit Mirrors Recharging SocketBacklit Mirrors Recharging Socket

      Many of the Tavistock backlit mirrors feature an integrated power socket for electric shavers and toothbrushes.

    • Backlit Mirrors Heated Demister PadBacklit Mirrors Heated Demister Pad

      A number of the Tavistock mirrors feature a heated demister pad which heats the mirror to a few degrees above room temperature withing 2-3 minutes, preventing the mirror from misting in even the steamiest of bathrooms.

    • Backlit Mirror Ambient LightingBacklit Mirror Ambient Lighting

      For additional mood lighting in the bathroom choose the Transform or Mood mirror which feature stunning effects created with ambient lighting.

    • Backlit Mirrors Tapered BodyBacklit Mirrors Tapered Body

      The Equalise mirror features a tapered body profile giving the mirror an elegant, floating effect.

    • Backlit Mirrors Magnifying GlassBacklit Mirrors Magnifying Glass

      A useful illuminated magnifying glass is featured on the Vapour mirror, which magnifies objects to double their size which makes this illuminated bathroom mirror extra useful for shaving and applying mak-up.

    • Backlit Mirrors Infrared On/Off SwitchBacklit Mirrors Infrared On/Off Switch

      A safe and easy to use infrared on/off switch which lets you activate lighting without the need to touch the mirror is available on a number of the Tavistock backlit mirrors. Simply move your hand in front of the sensor to activate.

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